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Reversing type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle disease through natural methods...

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By now, you probably know that I managed to reverse type 2 diabetes and your first question is how? How did I do it? What did I do? Well yes it is true, it can be reversed and it all depends on you! It can be done in a reasonable amount of time and you will also recover your health and even wear clothes that haven't fit in a long time!

In this blog (and my website) I will give you details on my strategies how I reversed type 2 diabetes and offer you our knowledge on how we did it. I will talk about the different aspects that my wife and I worked on in order to improve my health and ultimately reverse type 2 diabetes and transform my life for the better in multiple ways.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, I hope you will find value in the information in this site and I will try to make it as simple as possible for you as there are many technical terms involved and can be quite heavy going sometimes.

But first, before we dive into topics, let's review where are you in your journey?

  • Maybe you lack knowledge about type 2 diabetes and are taking your first steps towards reversing it?

  • Maybe you know a few things about it but you are not sure?

  • Maybe you have tried already to start a plan to reverse it but perhaps something is missing? Perhaps you are stuck without making progress?

  • Maybe you are utterly confused about the things you read, the things you hear, the things you see in YouTube(tm) or in TV/Netflix(tm) documentaries, the things your doctor tells you?

In any case, I'm glad that you are curious to know about type 2 diabetes and the methods and systems involved in reversing it. The first steps related to reversing Diabetes in my opinion relate to how you manage to deal with this situation mentally. This is without doubt the first step: ACCEPTANCE followed by TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your own health and then being genuinely CURIOUS to understand the details behind the disease, what causes it and what fixes it. One IMPORTANT thing though, please DO NOT IGNORE IT, you will ignore it at your peril. Diabetes is a silent killer, and it kills you slowly and before you know it it creeps up on you and its too late to do anything about it. PLEASE PLEASE treat it seriously and do not be happy by just taking medication to deal with it. You'll regret it in the near future.

The first step towards healing is Acceptance. Accepting our own situation, our ignorance about health subjects and taking things seriously are key steps towards changing and recovery. Some assume that because their doctors provide with a tablet as a temporary fix (usually Metformin to deal with the increased glucose levels) that this is just enough and fine to manage your diabetic status. Well it isn't. It is a temp fix. The longer term solution goes beyond taking a tablet to help manage it.

Taking responsibility for your own health is massive in all of this. Your doctors and specialists are a great source of knowledge, help and support. But that's it! they are a resource to us, they are not responsible for our own health. This can be said for many of our institutions, some people feel entitled, feel as if the institutions are there to hold their hand every step of the way all of the time at any age, regardless of the situation. Well, I see the medical institution as a resource to me, I tap into it when I need it and I hope they can respond but I can't expect them to be responsible for my own health, to track my health, to monitor my nutrition and exercise, etc, etc. We need to take responsibility for our own health more than ever these days. Our public health systems are struggling to cope with the most basic services. So we need to temper our expectations accordingly and help ourselves.

Curiosity is vital, it will help you understand the diseases that are affecting you right now, how do they come about, most of them are due to lifestyle choices we make, understanding our bodies' basic functions, how does the body process food as a source of energy and how movement/exercise is vital to keeping us healthy both physically and mentally.

Please explore the website for more info as I develop more content around these ideas.

And don't worry, I had some of these questions above too when I became diabetic and I didn't know what to do at the time. At the time (August 2012) the information around reversing Type 2 Diabetes was still sketchy, experimental and the research was fairly fresh therefore it was buried in the corners of the internet or in scientific/medical white papers that only a few people had access to. So my wife and myself went digging with a big shovel, trawling through a lot of information, sifting the good from the bad, filtering the non-sensical and grabbing the good stuff, tried it, tracked it and monitored it.

I'm going to avoid filling you with statistics and numbers as you probably already heard about these one way or the other, most probably associated with other regular media stories, for instance, "The Obesity Epidemic", "Sugar is the new evil", "Is obesity an addiction?", "One third of the world is now overweight", etc, etc. The fact is people have either have been misinformed by the institutions, followed blindly the advice from family members and friends; the food and beverage companies don't make it easy as they are constantly bombarding us with their marketing messaging: "0 calories fizzy drinks", "Fat Free everything!", "Sugar Free everything!", etc... you get the gist.

So if you put the stats and the noise aside, what counts is how information is actually going to help you personally in your situation. You are perhaps currently diabetic or you have been told that you are at risk, you also have other conditions related to lifestyle (high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, high try-glycerides, arterial plaque - atherosclerosis, etc). You'll often hear about all the diseases that are impacted by your lifestyle choices and I don't know about you but sometimes is difficult to understand what is being said to us by official and unofficial sources. Also, you hear them so often that you become almost immune to the information, you become like a teenager that doesn't want to hear the same thing from their parents anymore! It's true! Life takes over, you get busy at work, kids, school, parent-teacher meetings, chauffeuring the kids around to football practice, ballet classes, guitar lessons, etc. You heard and seen it all.

Well, if this is you, I sure hope this blog and website is going to help you put things into context and for the information to become much more digestible, easier to understand and more importantly useful for you. I also will give you the hard truths of the choices you are making today which are unhealthy and the clear linkage to your future disease ridden self, I'm not going to mince my words, nor I'm going to sugar coat anything. I'll give it to you straight as I hoped it was given to me when I got diagnosed with diabetes in the first place.

It sounds odd but I'm actually thankful for being diagnosed with Diabetes so early in my life. Being diagnosed with Diabetes has actually saved my life as I used this event to completely do a 180 degrees turn to transform my life for the better, became healthier, full of energy and vitality and as a bonus I chose to develop myself personally, read two dozens of books, studied numerous websites and documentaries, followed health experts to study my diseases, and understood the impact of food, exercise, mindfulness, sleep and relaxation has had to my body and mind.

WARNING: All the knowledge and expertise provided via this website comes from our own experiences reversing type 2 diabetes, we have always tried advice and recommendations on myself and monitored the results through regular home glucose measurements and regular blood tests (every 3-6 months) for years. Because every person and body is different, any knowledge that you may want to try for yourself and you are unsure please check with your doctor or an appropriate medical specialist.

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