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Developing ourselves ensures we are equipped to overcome obstacles and continue to achieve our goals


The Buddha taught many lessons based on his own life experiences and attaining enlightment, I drew many teachings from the buddha to help with my own situation, in particular and in order: ACCEPTANCE. I couldn't cure myself from Diabetes and my work-o-holic tendencies without first accepting my current situation. This is the hardest truth, to accept that you are who you are and things are what they are without endless questioning. Following this, COMPASSION for yourself and others is as important as acceptance as you need to give yourself space to be and show vulnerability, to understand that you are not perfect and that's ok. Forgiving us for the mistakes we make on a daily basis allows us to be more human, more authentic and establish a connection with ourselves, which leads quite nicely into the awareness topic next.


Many times I found myself sleep walking through life, life happening around me, grinding every day but to what end? Some say it is lack of purpose in our lives that drives these patterns of disconnection with reality. I would argue is lack of self AWARENESS. Do you really know who you really are? Do you have a tendency to describe yourself by the activity or job you do? If so, you are still struggling to know who you are and describe your identity in other terms other than the job you perform every day. But this is not all, this lack of self awareness affects us in many ways everyday, from the way we think, speak, act andfeel. Understanding yourself for who you really are is perhaps one of the biggest aspects of understanding your individuality and value that you bring. Building on self awareness you also realise that nobody else has the capacity to resolve your own problems but you. Your family, friends, or public institutions are resources to you, and this fundamentally changes the relationship between you and the external world. Taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own health and wealth is liberating, it feels like finally you take charge and it feels great!


Nature offers us an incredible opportunity to exercise our natural CURIOSITY, to explore our world and ideas freely and as a consequence develop an innate INTUITION that all beings have. When we develop our curiosity and ask better questions of ourselves we can overcome obstacles more easily and have a clearer picture of our own existence. Developing the SELF also involves achieving pure consciousness through ancient meditation tecniques


Somebody that I admire said to me once: "People that set goals and write them down are far more likely to achieve them". I took this to heart. I set a goal to reverse Diabetes in 5 years or less. I officially reversed it in 4 years, 11 months and 17 days to be precise. And I'm super proud of this of course, but more importantly I'm proud that I set a GOAL in the first place that drove me to where I am now. But a goal without a plan and systems in place to manage your progress is very unlikely to get completed, so my wife and I developed SYSTEMS to ensure we execute on our plans and stayed on track.


Last but not least, we all need RELATIONSHIPS with other humans and nature to stay healthy, to remain grounded, literally. Your self development goes lot faster when you surround yourself with supportive, like minded individuals who want the best for you, who support you no matter what, who take care of you and help you. This is your earth family, including all the animals and plants that surrounds us. They all contribute to your life in unimaginable ways. And those around you also act as ACCOUNTABILITY partners, whom you won't let down, whom you want to make proud, whom you want to share your victories and your losses but will always encourage you to carry on and keep going. These people play a key role, it certainly made my journey through tough times a lot easier and faster. It also made me realise how valuable specialist coaching is for somebody like me who didn't have a clue how to use Gym equipment or didn't know anything about  lifting weights at the Gym or nutrition for life substinence rather than for comfort. I'm very grateful to my wife and my personal trainer for helping me remain accountable to myself and my healing journey.

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