Inspirational content for building a balanced life

Sharing my learnings for a life transformation approach that develops health, self and wealth in harmony helping you find your own equilvrium.



Many of us are not capable of predicting successful outcomes for our future selves in the areas of health and wealth development. By learning new ideas, creating effective systems and building/adopting better habits we can rebuild ourselves, our health and wealth. Developing the self is the force that keep things in balance.


Changing our mindset, eating, exercise, relaxation and sleeping habits to reverse lifestyle born disease and adopting lifelong healthier habits, be full of energy and looking forward to your day


The process of Self discovery in order to achieve our goals by developing ourselves, building support systems, and flawlessly executing on our plans. The Self sits in between Health and Wealth managing the scales towards achieving balance.


Reducing bad debt, improving credit worthiness, maximising savings, generating more income and growing your money to reduce money worries and increase your bank balance



This is a passion project of mine and I'm very thankful to many people for supporting me throughout my struggles with being sick with Diabetes and the journey towards health.

First and foremost, my wife Karla whom has been my rock, my supporter in good and bad times but always there next to me, at my right hand side encouraging me and to keep on track.

My Mother for listening to me and understanding me, giving me words of encouragement to heal myself through natural methods.

My Dad and my brother Riccardo for their own experience in dealing with Diabetes, sometimes it's not only about what they have said or done or any advice given, it's about how this disease impacted them in profound ways. Riccardo was always there for me as a child and I learned my first lessons in life from him. Especially to have fun, be kind and take care of others.

My brother Fiore who has taught me many things I know today and whom without I wouldn't have pursued my current professional career which has given me so much in my life. He also taught me to have a morel compass, to do the right thing.

My brother Tiziano for his support and passion, he taught me to to have integrity, to show strength and to be assertive in life. Also to perform a physical activity to keep healthy and centered. 

Big thank you to Dr. Robert Cohen whom has been a great mentor and guide through my physical and mental wellbeing.

My personal trainer Lianne, whom became an unsung hero in my road to recovery as I was completely clueless at the Gym when I started and for supporting me in reversing diabetes.

My current personal trainer and coach, Danielle whom recently has done incredible work with us to get back on track with our exercise and other habits after a few months of disarray due to the pandemic and associated lockdowns.

To all my mentors whom through books, endless podcast and Youtube listening/watching sessions have inspired me, have taught me and for whom I now pay it forward via this Website, thank you very much! Special mentions go to (in no particular order): 

- Prof. Jordan B Peterson

- Dr. Jason Fung

- Dr. Michael Mosley

- Dr. Steven R. Covey

- Robert Kiyosaki

- David Allen

- Geshe Gelsang Gyatso

- Dr. Carol Dweck

- Simon Sinek

- Deepak Chopra

- Tony Robbins

- Tim Ferris

- Steve Jobs

- Joe Rogan

- T Harv Ecker

- Napoleon Hill

- Hal Elrod
- Simon Lancaster

- Richard Bandler

- George Orwell

- Dave Asprey

- Wim Hoff

- Seth Godin

- Brene Brown

- George Clason

- Charles Duhigg

- Richard Branson

- Robert Cialdini

- Steve Peters

- Thich Nhat Hanh

- Jim Kwik

And to all my family and friends who continue to support me, provide me encouragement to pursue my passion for sharing my experiences through this medium. Thank you Jane P, Jane H, Nicola, Ivy, Pete, Ky-Le, Steve, Amrit, Jess, Ravi, Suzi, Gaby, Chano. 

Last but not least my good old pal Chester, my labrador whom forever will live in my heart and taught me so much about strength, determination and zest for life. We will meet again one day.

Thank you all, you have a special place in my heart.


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